Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Trip to New Mexico: iphone style

Yes it is true that I own a nice camera. One that I have started a small business-like operation using. And yes it would make sense I were to have used that camera during my trip from Tennessee to New Mexico. However, I did not.

At all.

I used my iphone instead. Enjoy the grainy pictures! 

I had parted from my parents about 5 minutes before this picture was taken of the sun rising over Elk City, Oklahoma. I was heading west and they were heading west back to good ole' Tennessee.

This was taken at a rest area in Texas. I swear I could feel the state pride radiating off the interstate. 

 I knew I was in nearing New Mexico when I started seeing plateaus. 

No Mom this was not taken while I was driving past the sign....................................

Hunger set in at about 300 miles. 

Albuquerque: my new home for the next month. 

This blog will be under construction until I say so, but make sure you check back tomorrow. Ever day is an adventure when you are around a 1,000 miles from any person you know, after all! 

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