Friday, January 7, 2011

Lunch time antics

Lunch time around the Baptist Convention of New Mexico is always interesting. 

Today we made a zoo. 

First you have a capsule.

   And you drop that into water.

And you watch it GROW.

This is my secret stash at  work... I was told everyone has one? Mine probably isn't as exciting as some but it makes me happy. How could Slim Jims not make someone happy?


This was the sunset as I was driving yesterday. There were two wrecks on the way to my temporary home. I suppose people just weren't paying attention to the road and instead taking pictures of the pretty sunset with their iPhone?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The office of my life... I mean my life's office... I mean the office I'm spending my life in

This is my wall/office.
See my laptop sitting there? If you look closely at the screen you will notice that the document that I was working on when this photo was taken is blank. I was having a little writer's block.
It happens quite often. 

This is my phone.

I have no idea what any of the buttons mean. I had a message on it yesterday... I ignored it until the annoying red light grew really really SUPER annoying. Then I messed around with it until I figured it out on my own.
It's what big girls do after all.
The message wasn't for me.
Wrong number.
What a let down.
This is my orange highlighter that I use about every five minutes. 
You know why they gave me a orange highlighter?
Because I am from Tennessee.
Tennessee automatically equals orange in New Mexico.
No offense to Tennessee fans, but orange is in the red family and the red family HATES my skin tone. Therefore, I hate orange.

This is my tape dispenser. It appears to have lived a long, hard life. I would love to know my tape dispenser's story. What all has its gluey substance latched together in its years of existence?

That is all the pictures I have from my day at the office. I was very very busy girl, you see. The great people at the Baptist New Mexican put me right to work writing articles and editing other articles.

Maybe I'll take pictures during tomorrow lunch break. Lunch equals all the women in the building coming together in the lunch room and gossiping/talking about everything under the sun. NO BOYS ALLOWED. Today's topics included football, blackbirds dropping from the sky, the Biggest Loser, homemade pizza crust and the newsletter of a tiny electric co-op in Southern New Mexico (thats a story for another post though).

Hoping everyone is having a blessed week!

Grace, intern/slave/writer/photographer/southern gal stuck in the west

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3: Pet Park and Bipolar Weather

Albuquerque is pretty:

I was just trying to find a Walgreens when this was taken. There IS a Walgreens on every corner is Tennessee. There is NOT a mountain in the distance along with Walgreens in Tennessee.

I also went to a park today. The story goes that it burned some time ago. A local artist came to the park and began to carve things into the stumps of the trees.

This seems to be the theme of New Mexico. Fires a serious threat throughout the state. Actual this side of the country is very aware of the danger of fire.

A sign on the interstate in Texas read: Fire danger high: keep your butts in the car.
I will admit that I had to contemplate the sign for a few moments before chuckling.

One of the stumps carved into a wolf at the park.
This seems like a very proud hiker that the artist has carved into this stump. Notice that his right foot is on the head of a lizard. Isn't that the natural thing to do after all?
This is a tree.

I thought this little fellow was adorable! I named him Beaver.
The sole purpose of this park was obviously not flowers and greenery. However, in a way, is it not beautiful?

Quick! I need a boy scout!!! What kind of tracks are these?

Quick! I need a fashionista! Are these boots trail worthy?

This was taken as I exited my neighborhood. That weird looking cloud is SNOW. 

See all the houses in background? They are all adobe/flat roof homes. I am not sure if I have seen a regular brick house here. It is really different and maybe I would grow tired of it. However, I'm loving it right now! 

This is a barbed wire fence between New Mexico and Mexico.


I am still puzzled as to how you can be locked into an OUTSIDE park..............

No worries. I made it out.

Thanks for reading! Tune in tomorrow as I head off to my first full day at the newspaper office where I will be working all month. I have a office and a key and everything!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Trip to New Mexico: iphone style

Yes it is true that I own a nice camera. One that I have started a small business-like operation using. And yes it would make sense I were to have used that camera during my trip from Tennessee to New Mexico. However, I did not.

At all.

I used my iphone instead. Enjoy the grainy pictures! 

I had parted from my parents about 5 minutes before this picture was taken of the sun rising over Elk City, Oklahoma. I was heading west and they were heading west back to good ole' Tennessee.

This was taken at a rest area in Texas. I swear I could feel the state pride radiating off the interstate. 

 I knew I was in nearing New Mexico when I started seeing plateaus. 

No Mom this was not taken while I was driving past the sign....................................

Hunger set in at about 300 miles. 

Albuquerque: my new home for the next month. 

This blog will be under construction until I say so, but make sure you check back tomorrow. Ever day is an adventure when you are around a 1,000 miles from any person you know, after all!