Sunday, July 12, 2009


I made a discovery tonight.... Dakota Fanning has been casted for the new Twilight  movie, New Moon. She doesn't have a major role, but she will be in the film. It just so happens that I like Dakota Fanning and her work. It ALSO just so happens that Dakota Fanning is my twin... Really, she is. Take a look for yourself:

Me: ( This is a REALLY OLD picture of me from my junior year of high school and is not very good quality but I thought it worked best for this purpose. Please forgive the odd light on my mouth/cheek. Thank you.)

Dakota Fanning:

Do you see the resemblence????????????

Don't try to say that I am crazy either....TONS of people tell me that I look like her ALL the time. This one man I know doesn't even call me by my real name anymore; he just calls my Dakota. 

I even took the time to break down and highlight the similarities. 

Black arrows: We are both blondes!
Red arrows: We both have small upper lips!
White arrows: We both have the same nose!
Blue arrows: We both have tiny dimples that only show when we are smiling really hard!


 While I was googling pictures of Dakota Fanning ( I am only taking the time to do this because I simply can't fall asleep....just if you were wondering.) I also found some rather intriguing facts about the young actress that I am going to share with you.

1. She was born in Georgia.
              a. I was born in Tennessee! We are both from the South!

2. She had several issues and procedures done on her teeth.
              a. I had braces and retainers for like 7 years of my life!

3. She made all A's her sophomore year of high 
school except for Geometry.
      a. I had all A's in high school until my sophomore year when I made a B in Geometry!

4. She and most of her family go by their middle names.
              a. My father, brother, and myself all go by our middle names!

All of this simply adds up to one thing:

Dakota Fanning and I were separated at birth (The age difference is merely a trivial factor). I have come to terms with the fact that Dakota was chosen over me at birth to become the famous one. Seriously, I could care less that she gets to go to red carpet events and act alongside Denzel Washington. Whoever separated us at birth did me a favor. Why would I want to be rich and famous by the age of like 16 anyway? Why would I want to be able to have multiple appearances on the Tonight Show and have a role in New Moon? I totally got the better end of the deal. But hey, being the considerate person that I am, I am going to make my dear twin, Dakota, an offer...

I am willing to sacrifice myself and give up my dogs, couch, laptop, and fudge-pops for a couple of weeks to trade places with Dakota so that she might have a break. I mean it is the LEAST I can do for her, after all.

I'm just saying...


p.s. Okay, fine...I'll go to bed now....