Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Mexico Day 2

Hola!Things I learned on Day One of New Mexico trip:
3. Grown men can carry minature poodles in carry on lugage.
4. Asian men who are reading a book on the history of physics don't like it when little girls from Tennessee jump while they are sleeping in awkward positions on planes.
5. Cellphones laugh in your face if you try to make a call or send a text even within the capital of New Mexico.

First stop of trip on Day 2 of trip : The Baptist Children's Home in Portales, NM

These children have been dealt some hard lives but have come out as these beautiful individuals.
Three boys from the home working at the barn early Saturday morning.

Mark and his wife run one of the cottages that houses 5 boys at the Children's Home. Here he is lassoing his young daughter.

BABY HORSE!!!!! ONLY A WEEK OLD. The cuteness makes you smile.

Another one of Mark and Tara's children. I have no excuse for this little guy. I will say that my suitcase almost became mysteriously heavier right before we left the home... i decided I'd let his parents keep him though. He is addicted to nose picking after all. :)

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