Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3: Pet Park and Bipolar Weather

Albuquerque is pretty:

I was just trying to find a Walgreens when this was taken. There IS a Walgreens on every corner is Tennessee. There is NOT a mountain in the distance along with Walgreens in Tennessee.

I also went to a park today. The story goes that it burned some time ago. A local artist came to the park and began to carve things into the stumps of the trees.

This seems to be the theme of New Mexico. Fires a serious threat throughout the state. Actual this side of the country is very aware of the danger of fire.

A sign on the interstate in Texas read: Fire danger high: keep your butts in the car.
I will admit that I had to contemplate the sign for a few moments before chuckling.

One of the stumps carved into a wolf at the park.
This seems like a very proud hiker that the artist has carved into this stump. Notice that his right foot is on the head of a lizard. Isn't that the natural thing to do after all?
This is a tree.

I thought this little fellow was adorable! I named him Beaver.
The sole purpose of this park was obviously not flowers and greenery. However, in a way, is it not beautiful?

Quick! I need a boy scout!!! What kind of tracks are these?

Quick! I need a fashionista! Are these boots trail worthy?

This was taken as I exited my neighborhood. That weird looking cloud is SNOW. 

See all the houses in background? They are all adobe/flat roof homes. I am not sure if I have seen a regular brick house here. It is really different and maybe I would grow tired of it. However, I'm loving it right now! 

This is a barbed wire fence between New Mexico and Mexico.


I am still puzzled as to how you can be locked into an OUTSIDE park..............

No worries. I made it out.

Thanks for reading! Tune in tomorrow as I head off to my first full day at the newspaper office where I will be working all month. I have a office and a key and everything!


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