Sunday, May 22, 2011

Elvin Lynn Ferrell

Meet my Daddy:

His name is Elvin Lynn Ferrell or ELF.
Most people call him Coach Ferrell. Actually, it ends up coming out sounding like Coach Furrull. Don't ask me why. Don't ask my why they call him coach either. He hasn't been a coach since I was born, I think.

Oh well. He is my daddy and that is all that matters.
Tonight he went and supported one of his former students that is becoming a pastor in Washington. Or as my Dad kept repeating: WaRshington.

Daddy bought this tie. It has Ripley tomatoes on it, you see. I thought he looked spiffy in it. 

A list of random things about Daddy:
1. He took me to the first Harry Potter movie when I was in like 3rd grade — I sat in his lap and everything. 
2. I used to hope for rain during my summers so that he couldn't mow other people's yards and would come home.
3. The smell of cut grass always makes me think of him.
4. He still kisses my hand after I say the blessing for the food at dinner. 
5. He calls our dogs "it", but secretly likes them both. 
6. Fish sticks and tater tots are the only memory I have of him cooking when I was little ... I dislike both of those items but would always eat them anyway. 

This is a picture of my daddy and me taken last Easter. He does like me despite that look on his face (I think).