Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The office of my life... I mean my life's office... I mean the office I'm spending my life in

This is my wall/office.
See my laptop sitting there? If you look closely at the screen you will notice that the document that I was working on when this photo was taken is blank. I was having a little writer's block.
It happens quite often. 

This is my phone.

I have no idea what any of the buttons mean. I had a message on it yesterday... I ignored it until the annoying red light grew really really SUPER annoying. Then I messed around with it until I figured it out on my own.
It's what big girls do after all.
The message wasn't for me.
Wrong number.
What a let down.
This is my orange highlighter that I use about every five minutes. 
You know why they gave me a orange highlighter?
Because I am from Tennessee.
Tennessee automatically equals orange in New Mexico.
No offense to Tennessee fans, but orange is in the red family and the red family HATES my skin tone. Therefore, I hate orange.

This is my tape dispenser. It appears to have lived a long, hard life. I would love to know my tape dispenser's story. What all has its gluey substance latched together in its years of existence?

That is all the pictures I have from my day at the office. I was very very busy girl, you see. The great people at the Baptist New Mexican put me right to work writing articles and editing other articles.

Maybe I'll take pictures during tomorrow lunch break. Lunch equals all the women in the building coming together in the lunch room and gossiping/talking about everything under the sun. NO BOYS ALLOWED. Today's topics included football, blackbirds dropping from the sky, the Biggest Loser, homemade pizza crust and the newsletter of a tiny electric co-op in Southern New Mexico (thats a story for another post though).

Hoping everyone is having a blessed week!

Grace, intern/slave/writer/photographer/southern gal stuck in the west

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