Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6th Sense

I have a 6th sense.... It comes from photographing numerous weddings and couples. Want to know what my 6th sense is?

I can smell impending engagements.

Nope, I'm not kidding one bit. For instance, a couple days before I left for DC, I photographed the ever so lovely Nikki Webb. 

During the session, she wanted some shots taken with her boyfriend, Jacob:

By the end of the couple hours we spent photographing, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would log onto Facebook and see the little heart with their names beside it informing the virtual world of their impending nuptials. 

Am I good or am I good?  Some people are born with the ability to draw. Others can sing. Some can dance..... I, Grace Ferrell, can smell engagements.

Grace, The Couple Whisperer


Monday, August 29, 2011

How Not to Die During Your Internships

Today was my first day of class at the Washington Journalism Center. We did what any normal academic course does on the first day — went over the syllabus.

On September 9th we shall apparently be learning how not to die during our internships. I think it will be a very useful skill to learn while in DC.

However, until my internship at the Daily Caller starts in a couple weeks, I plan on just relishing in the fact that I am in our nation's capitol.

I shall not, however, be relishing in the fact that the ceiling fan in the bedroom I share with 3 other students sounds like a shotgun. But that's a story for another day. 

In other news, the students and I spent our afternoon learning about the District of Columbia. Most people know about the Washington that fills TV and computer screens all across the world. But what about the other residents of the city? What about the residents that are not dressed in powerful suits and running up the steps of the Capitol each day? Over the summer I tweeted the following message one day while riding the subway to work: 
"I always look around the subway and wonder what other people's stories are. I believe everyone has a neat story."

I truly wonder the same thing to this day. Whether I am running down 8th street or picking up some laundry detergent and the nearest CVS, I look around and wish I knew how the person beside me had gotten to this place in life. What have they gone through? What have they experienced? What has made them who they are?

Apparently I am not the only one have such questions. Check out the website below — the author interviews random people in the city of DC and lets them tell their beautiful stories. It's amazing what you'll find out about life when you simply take the time to listen to the people around you.

Grace, the girl who is constantly questioning everything