Friday, June 10, 2011


I haven't blogged once since I have been in DC. What I am about to blog probably isn't an appropriate first blog for when a person moves to DC for 6 months, either. Oh well. This is officially my first blog from DC.

My roommate Marrissa went to take a shower this afternoon. This is what she found.

Now I am not an overly squeamish person. But COME ON people. This thing is the size of a small dog! Paris Hilton could slap a collar around its neck and carry it around as a fashion statement. This thing laughs at nuclear bombs. 

Enjoy the below video of my roommates and I attempting/failing to catch it. When I say roommates and I understand that I really mean my roommate Regina tried to catch it while I documented.

The cockroach escaped all of our approaches to apprehend it. It was a smart little booger. It ran into a closet that houses the electrical stuff of the apartment — the closet that is locked and we can't get into. At the end of the day we figured out a perfect way to cage it into the closet.

That's newspaper that we stuffed the crack of the door with. That will keep it in there, right? RIGHT?