Saturday, January 22, 2011

Did You Know?

I have attended around a dozen weddings since last summer.

I've been in the audience as a friend.
I've been by the alter as the Maid of Honor
And I've been the photographer creeping through the crowds and snapping away with my camera.

I love being hired to photograph the entire wedding day. I get to capture moments like this one — A younger sister helping her big sister into her wedding dress. How priceless!

And moments like this one — friends enjoying a moment of pampering as they get their makeup done. 

Posed photos are fun, too. One of my favorite things is to "layer" a photo. Here you can see the Maid of Honor with the Bride in background.

Sincere moments of joy are still my favorite things to capture, though. I bet they always will be, too.  Here you see the flower girl and Bride laughing at a joke someone in the church cracked while we were taking photos. 

So all in all, I will tell you one of the many things I have learned through attending so many weddings: The day is fleeting and every moment — no matter how small or large — is priceless and worth capturing. So a big thanks to all the beautiful couples and families who have allowed me to be a part of their day.

Have a safe and blessed weekend!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coffee mugs and an endorsement

I have seen many people who collect Starbucks coffee mugs. 

Today I decided to buy my very own.

For those who don't know, Albuquerqueans love hot air balloons.

At any point of the day or year, you can look over the city and see one or two.

Then once a year they have a big balloon fiesta and fly HUNDREDS of the colorful balloons.

I wish I would be here to witness it.

Next, I have something less interesting to show you.....

My purse..

Yes. It is a mess.
It is scary.
I try not to touch it more than I have too.
However, I did want to point out one thing to you that can be found in my purse:

This stuff has SAVED my hands from this DRY New Mexican air. 
I slather the stuff on once or twice a day and I'm good to go.
I love it.
Note: there is not fancy smell or glitter, but it gets the job done.

If you want your hands to feel like a baby's butt then I absolutely suggest this stuff.

Next on today's agenda:

This is the paper I am currently working for. 

If you look closely at the byline under that main article, you will see the name Gracie Ferrell.
That's my name :)

Just to prove to you guys that I am working out here.

Gracie - BNM intern/slave

P.S. Vaseline has no idea who I am and should have no reason to sue for this endorsement. Amen.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A life changing moment.

I am a different girl now than I was a few hours ago. Margie Gill made that possible. 

Today I went on an adventure with Margie and Mary Nell. We went to a place called Zio's kitchen.
Returning to this restaurant is now officially on my bucket list.
It's a must. 

It had a very authentic vibe. Rows of different olive oils lined the upper shelves. You could see straight into the kitchen where flames regularly flared. 

Fried mozzarella sticks — they were out main course.

The ice cream melted within seconds.
The apples were cooked to perfection.
A cinnamon shell coated the ice cream.
The crust was just perfection. 

 It CHANGED my life. There are no other words to describe it. 

I ate every bite. 

And maybe licked the plate. less than 30 seconds. 

Oh... and there was bread. Goodness.

Good bye forever. Amen.

Grace (the too full intern of the Baptist New Mexican)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My List of things I'm thinking while photographing you

I am a list maker. I always have been. Today I decided to make a list for you.

My list of things I'm thinking while photographing you:

1. Just breathe. People naturally attempt to hold their breath while being photographed — this makes you appear stiff and unnatural. Breathe! Laugh with your significant other or family. 
      Some of my favorite photographs are of families or couples sharing a sincere moment of laughter. 

Act with your family and significant other as you normally would — not as if a camera is watching. 

2. Do not assume any detail is too small. 
        You own cowboy boots? Great! Wear them!
        You're wearing your grandmother's ring? Your grandmother is here? Perfect!
        The Maid of Honor has a written copy of her speech? I wanna see!
        Your husband's truck is his pride and joy? We can work with that! :)

3. Grooming
             I like all of my photographs to be very natural. With that said, I suggest you dress normally on the day you have a photo shoot. Also — don't overdue eyeliner (I can add a bit of eyeliner while editing your photos — it's nearly impossible to take away). This goes for hair product as well; if you use too much, you hair might end of looking like one big blob. 

For longer hair: consider bringing another option like a pony tail holder just in case the weather is windy. A classic pony tail will look much better than hair across your face.

4. Bring Props 
This is especially true with children, families but even for engaged couples as well.
         If your child has a favorite blanket or stuffed animal it would a priceless thing for us to document through your portraits. 

Well this is all for today folks. I might make another list as inspiration hits.

Do any of you have questions regarding photography or what to do or not do during a session?
I'd be happy to answer!
Have a blessed week everyone.