Friday, June 5, 2009

To My Secret Admirer

So I got online today to find that I had a new comment on one of my posts. 

This is what it read:

Anonymous said...

hello, gracie- i just want you to know i am in love with you and have been for a very long time. i am so afraid to tell you to your face, not knowing how you would feel. just please, beautiful, give me a chance
with love,
your secret admirer.

All of my friends denied it; of course, they would. I told them that I found it quite hilarious, but they still denied it. I told them that I wasn't the least bit mad or upset, but still they denied it. I told them that they should just own up to it because it was hysterical, but still they denied it. 

So for now, I shall go along with it. 

As long as my secret admirer is one of these guys:



  1. IS THAT MARLBORO MAN??? You're bad!!!
    My money's on naked surfer boy -- although he looks like he's 16. Maybe it's Becks:) Can't go wrong there!

  2. oh have you found the secret admirer? :)
    it can be one of your bestfriend haha btw thanks for visiting my blog grace

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