Monday, June 1, 2009


I  begged my parents for a little, petite, delicate, inside dog for years. I dreamed of carrying around my tiny pet in the cutest little bags and dressing her up in adorable sweaters. This is what I got:

Meet Beast #1; otherwise known as Ronald Reagan. He is three years old, loves day-long naps, anything edible, long walks, squeaky toys, and of course his owner, me. Reagan is the biggest beagle you will ever see, weighing between 50-60 lbs. However, do not make the assumption that Reagan is fat; he is merely stocky.  

Meet beast #2; otherwise known as Margaret Thatcher. She loves playing fetch, splashing all of the water out of her bowl, sleeping at your feet, getting as dirty as possible, and following her brother (Ronald Reagan) around. I received her as a graduation present, however, she has actually become my mother's dog. Thatcher, a nine-week old dalmation/ husky mix, will be replacing me in the family once I leave for college. 

For a few rare moments of the day, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher play with each other peacefully. These harmonious occasions are shortly lived, however. 

Usually their relationship resembles something found on the discovery channel. 
They bite.
They snarl.
They growl.
They claw.
They attack.

But moments like these make all of the rest slip from your mind. 

 I love my beasts. Amen.



  1. Aw........ they are so cute!!!!

  2. I love this post!! So adorable!!