Sunday, May 31, 2009

April 24th West TN. Tea Party

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon (the day before prom actually... not that prom has ANYTHING to do with this post...). I was excited (being the little conservative extremist that I am) about going to a tea party with my parents. No this was not the kind of tea party where you lift you pinkie finger, cross your ankles and wear you best Sunday dress. No, my dear friends, this was not that kind of tea party at all.

This was one of the first signs I saw upon arriving at the field where the party was to be held. I do not believe that this man's sign held an ounce of sarcasm. I would guess that 3/4's of the attendants of the event owned gun permits, multiple guns, and bullets.  I will be joining the ranks very soon.

Amen sister. AMEN! As a side note: I am sick of hearing the word change. So I grabbed a thesaurus and found the word revolutionize. It seems to be a more appropriate word to use now that the other one has been tainted.

Amen Brother. AMEN! I love this guy's sign because it sums up a whole lot that has been going on in our country. I am an American and I fully stand behind the original beliefs and morals of the people that founded this great country. For that, I will not apologize. 

Now isn't this just the cutest thing you have EVER seen?!? Seriously, what is more adorable than an older couple who apparently still loves one another and our country after fifty some-odd years of marriage. I asked them if they would adopt me as their granddaughter. 

The older couple from above said they would not adopt me (it wasn't anything personal they added...they just already had many grandchildren to care for...I envy their grand kids). Looks like I am left with these people.  

All in all, the West TN. Tea Party was a great event. There were hundreds of people of different backgrounds, careers, and ages that were standing up for their beliefs and vocalizing that they did not agree with what was going on with our country. 

I was proud to be among them all. 


  1. What was the tea party for? I'm confused.

  2. I stopped when you said "conservative extremist." I don't associate myself with "tea-baggers..." lol

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I know all about the tea party--I watch Fox News. There was no activity like that in my area, though... Also good for you re: guns. It's better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it. Take care.