Monday, April 4, 2011

Prom and the Good Old Days

 Saturday was my hometown's high school prom. I have a friend who is still in high school and called me on their way. 

She informed me that I was allowed to come to the restaurant where they were eating and take a few photos of them like a proud momma. 

I was unnecessarily excited. 

Can I just say that these girls are too gorgeous? 

I was awkward in high school — my pants were probably too short and my 
backpack weighed more than I did.

These girls look like MODELS.

Look at her hair! Someone call Pantene because they are missing their model.

LOVED her dress.

This makes me smile. 

Her dress was so fun! I had the strongest urge to twirl her around in a circle. But we were in a public place..... and I can NOT dance. So I merely told her to smile for me. 

Would you look at those eyes? I may or may not have contemplated how to steal her earrings. 

And THIS is my beautiful dearest friend. 

I used to drive her to high school every morning when I was a senior and she was a freshman. 

I also used to make her late by FORCING us to go by McDonalds and 
get a sweet tea every morning, too. 

I taught her every thing she knows. Unless she does something bad — she picked up that junk from someone else. And her sarcasm — NO WAY did she get that from me. 

Oh the old days. 


Aw... aren't we purrty? That girl in the blue is married now. That girl in the black is going to be a famous graphic designer pretty soon (and hasn't grown an inch since this was taken). That girl in the purple and black dress spends her summers in Orlando sharing her faith. I am not sure who that girl in the purple dress is.... oh wait... it is me! Hmmmm. I look a little tired here. Yup — nothing has changed.




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  1. I'm in class, and you are making me cryyyyyy!!!!! I miss this! Well, all of us rather than high school.