Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello all!
I am back in the grand state of Tennessee where the trees are green and the tea is sweet.
But I still have a few tastes of New Mexico to share with you.

The last event I covered for the Baptist New Mexican was an annual event they host called the Legislative Breakfast.

All the state legislators are invited to attend a breakfast that includes a speaker and time of prayer and encouragement before the legislators start another day of their job at the state capitol.

This is former Lt. Gov. Walter Bradley. He heads the Traditional Values Action Committee.  

"I have not found anywhere in the Good Book where it says that Christians should not be involved in politics," Bradley said during a dinner held for church leaders the night before the Legislative Breakfast.

"You have to be passionate about politics and you have to be passionate to change  them. We need to reignite the passion."

"If a law passes that is an ungodly law then we have the right to oppose it."

"We are fighting from a position of victory because Christ is already victorious," Bradley said.

The breakfast the next morning started bright and early. Prayer requests cards were placed at each seat for the legislators to fill out. The leaders of the breakfast told the legislators that it was our duty as Christians to pray for them as stewards of the nation. 

"God does command us in his Book to pray for you," said one speaker during the event. "And that is our commitment to you."

This is the new Lt. Gov. He offered a brief greeting to the audience and brought a message from the newly elected governor of New Mexico, Susanna Martinez. He said that the new administration has a "bold and strong vision for New Mexico" — something the people of the state seem to be begging for. 

And this my dear friends is Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church in Washington D.C. He was the keynote speaker. 

He said during his address that President Obama is wrong — America IS a Christian nation and needs to "honor our heritage and God who gave us such great guidelines."

He attributed the Tea Party Movement as part of America's next "great awakening." He also referenced a time when he was applauded for being a man of Christ while at a Tea Party rally.

"The Tea Party movement is anything but racist — more of a civic awakening," Jackson said.

"Church groups are starting to stand up and say they have a dog in the (political) fight."

Jackson concluded by encouraging the legislators present to stick to their morals and faith.

"We are on the wake of the next great awakening; it will be politically safe to vote according to it."


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