Monday, January 24, 2011

Immersed - A Bus Ministry

I got the opportunity to travel to the town of Gallup over the weekend to interview a pastor/ elementary school principal.

Meet Mark Chandler.

He is a principal (a full-time in and of itself) and pastor of First Indian Baptist Church of Gallup. 

He had a bright idea of turning a school bus into a tool to minister through.

       The bus is hollowed out and obviously never used to transport people... It is now complete with a tile floor, flat screen TV (in that back cabinet), wall to wall lighting and a generator.

He and his family use the bus to drive it into Native American communities. It provides them a place to minister to people in communities that often only have one-room buildings

The bus is an old bus used by a rafting company. Mark Chandler attributes the idea of converting it to no one but God. He attributes the fact that, even after over a year of sitting idle, it still cranked up to no one but God. 

He never once complained about holding two full-time jobs. His only concern was that there weren't enough hours in the day to complete everything he wanted to do with the people he is hoping to lead to Christ. 

The bus is named "immersed". John 7:38 was its inspiration. 

He was one of those people who oozed humbleness — something uncommon in today's society. 

It was a pleasure to meet him and hear his story and it is because of people like him that I want to go into journalism. 

It's stories like his that I have always loved hearing and passing on.


P.S. I leave for Tennessee on Friday... my time is dwindling so fast!!!

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