Saturday, August 27, 2011

Common Factors

 Hurricane Irene finally made her appearance today.  

It made for a very dark and dreary day on capitol hill. 

There are currently around 40 college students in my apartment building from all across the United States. So what exactly did we do to entertain ourselves during the bad weather?  

Some of us, like me, went running and got completely drenched in the rain.  I really enjoy running in DC. Today's trek led me past the Marine Corp Barracks:
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Others actually did homework. Some were brave and ventured forth into the city.

However, we all came together tonight for a common purpose tonight — A Lord of the Rings marathon and tons of pizza. We all might be from different colleges and states, but some things never change.
Gotta love college and hurricanes.

Grace — or apparently "Eruant" in Elfish

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