Monday, February 28, 2011


Union University is VERY SERIOUS when it comes to Tornado season in West Tennessee. 

This is what happened the last time a tornado visited my campus. 

So, you see, it is kind of understandable why Union has a cow every time a green blob is seemingly heading our way on a radar.

Last Thursday was our first experience with Tornado weather this semester.

We were shoved into our "panic room" a.k.a storm shelter a couple times during the evening. Our panic room consists of reinforced concrete walls and three dead bolts on the door. It is very safe. 

Georgetown University called while I shoved into this bathroom with 6 people. I apologized for the noise and informed them that we were under a tornado warning. Georgetown became concerned for my safety but I assured them that I was in a secure location. Georgetown was happy about this. 

Union also always has us pack a "tornado bag" when ominous weather comes. 

My bag consists of my eye lash curler, a change of clothes and the external hard drive where all my photos are backed up. Its all about priorities people. 


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