Sunday, September 13, 2009

Science experiment vs. Bleach

Remember in middle school when you used to get soooo excited over science projects? You used to love to make things boil, foam, and change colors. 

I channeled this spirit recently. See, my favorite white t-shirt had a mysterious stain. So I went to Wal-mart to get something to remove said mysterious stain. I could have simply purchased bleach. It certainly would have done the job. However, I decided to buy this:

 It looks exactly like a science project, right? You have to pour the powder in just as the water is simmering and stir it for like 30 minutes. 
What could go wrong right???

In my world something ALWAYS goes wrong. ALWAYS.

So my roommate and I slowly began to notice that a very putrid smell was beginning to take over the entire apartment. Within minutes the whole place smelled exactly like four-week-old Easter eggs you never did find after the Easter egg hunt.

Air Wick Clean Linen spray DID NOT mask the odor. It failed me for the first time ever. Therefore we had to resort to this: 

The fan is slowly pulling the rotten-egg smell out of the apartment and replacing it with cleaner, fresher air. The watermelons serve no other purpose other than to keep the door open. People outside our apartment even noticed the smell we were slowly filtering out the door. It was seriously a god-awful smell. 

I'm pretty sure Crystal and I lost a few hundred brain cells due to the smell. So much for a science project. And the worst part: my shirt is still stained. 



  1. You r an idiot.....yes your mother just called you an idiot...ha

  2. Ooooh. Talk about a smell- I had to do the exact same thing the day I sent my kid to drug rehab after I caught him cooking meth and noticed a terrible smell.