Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bad veins, Dominoes, and Diets

I coaxed my dear little friend, And (that is her name...not a conjuntion), into going to give blood with me this morning. I had given twice before, but she was a first time donor. 

And perhaps a last time donor judging by the look on her face. 

Actually everything went fine. Well, except for the fact that the Life Blood lady informed me that I had horrible veins and that she was praying about how she was going to stick the needle in my arm. Let me tell you, those are not the most comforting words to hear!

And apparently has very good veins because she drinks a lot of water.

Whatever... I still saved a baby.... PLUS I have the universal blood type!

Beat that little Miss Perfect Veins!

Later on in the evening, we all went out to eat and then back to my house to play a friendly and highly competitive game of Dominoes. It got vicious quickly. 

There are so many things going on in this photo that I decided to break it all down for you guys. I even used colored arrows to make it easier!

All four black arrows: Our cellphones. None of them are more than 6 inches away from our bodies at ALL times. You never know when you might get an important text or call!

Sky Blue Arrow: Lotion. We were all sunburned from spending a day outside in near triple-digit degree weather. Not our brightest idea. 

Purple Arrow: My empty Little Debbie Fudge Round wrapper. Goldie Locks and I have started working out. She has also started counting calories and watching what she eats. I watch what I eat as well...I watch it enter my  mouth, at least. Let's just say she is fighting a loosing battle if she is attempting to get me to count anything beside how many fudge pops I can eat in one sitting!

White Arrow: This is a butter churn (in case you were wondering). We have had this churn, and many churns like it, in my household since I was born. Don't ask me why. We don't churn butter or anything. 

Lime Green Arrow: Goldie Locks is counting and tallying up the points from the round of dominoes we just finished playing. Goldie Locks counts EVERYTHING from points, to days, to how many red M&M's are left. I promise that if you asked her, at this very moment, how many days there are till Christmas, she would know. Or at the very least she would have a wonderful amount of fun figuring it up. 

Red Arrow: I AM WINNING AT DOMINOES! See how I only have one little ole' domino left??? I did, in fact, win not only that round, but the entire game!

Here are the final scores (lowest amount of points wins):

Me: 207
And : 212
Goldie Locks: 230
Hope: 422

I love my life (and my veins!). Amen.



  1. "I watch what I eat as well...I watch it enter my mouth, at least."

    I laughed hard. And then flinched due to severe sunburn.

  2. Hey, good for you for giving blood! I've never done that before, but that's only because I couldn't. I had been traveling a lot, and you know how they are when you travel. You can't give blood for like three years in case you have some crazy disease. Then I got something pierced...the second hole in my ears maybe? And I couldn't give blood again because you have to wait one year after you've had a piercing. But thanks for motivating me. Maybe I'll do it this year -- that'll be my goal before 2010 -- give blood:)

  3. Love your blog. Were you playing Mexican Train or some other dominoes game. We taught your mom to play a couple of weeks ago. I have a new blog called "Cherry Farm Girl". Mom and I are traveling for two weeks and I am posting my adventures. Your blog gave me the idea. Thanks.