Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Woes of Scholarship Essay writing

It is a known fact that I want to one day be a journalist. So you would assume that I would if not look forward to at least not dread writing tons of essays for tons of scholarships. Oh, but we all know what assuming makes out of us...fools. In other words I DESPISE writing multiple essays on various mundane topics. 
" What is the Ideal Teacher to you?" um... one that lets me chew gum in class. 
" What does education mean to you?" Its means that I get to sit in a hard desk that is probably reeking havoc on my spine all day long while trying, in vain, to memorize 40 some-odd calculus formulas
" How have you used your leadership skills to better your school and community?" Well I have used my death glare (the one my grandmother and mom taught me) to quiet multiple groups of teenagers...does that count as a leadership quality?

" Why are you worthy of winning this scholarship?" Give me a chance to be humble, why dontcha?

Okay, okay. Maybe I am exaggerating a teensy bit (not about the essays...about school). I actually enjoy school for the most part. This isn't to say that I don't have a SEVERE case of senior-itis( I WANT TO GRADUATE NOW!). I am merely saying that my high school career has been enjoyable. Well, except for that time I fell going up the staircase, and that time I fell in the cafeteria, and that time I fell during a tennis match, and that time...well you get the picture.

I really do love school, though.

Scratch that...Its more like a love/hate relationship, really.

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