Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Observations

Observation #1: The pepto-bismal-like tablets from the other day (the rocket day) turned my tongue brown. That's right. BROWN. Let me be the first to say that sticking out your tongue so that you can brush it and finding that it is no longer bubble gum pink is a scary thing. I thought I was going to die. 

Its okay, though. My tongue is returning to the color God intended it to be. 

I will NEVER take those pepto-bismal-like tablets again. 

Observation #2: Peanut butter milk shakes from Sonic are awesome. I would have its babies if I could.

Observation #4: Sitting through thirty minutes of choir practice royally stinks...especially when you are not physically able to sing at all and you don't know the words to any of the songs and your peanut butter milkshake is starring at you and the girl behind you is singing like an angel.

Observation #5: Never underestimate hobbits. They have like a six sense for scrabble. If there is a triple letter score tile within ten feet of them they will find it and play and "x".

Observation #6: Cruise control + Calculus project = 1 argument over time intervals ( make that several arguments)... 5 slices of pizza... and 3 semi-frantic phone calls.

Observation #7: Reagan somehow got ahold of some bologna.

Observation #8: We don't have any bologna in the house. 

Observation #9: An old alley can be a very pretty place to take a photograph.

Observation #10: There is no observation 3.

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